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....The purpose of the wolfpages.com will be to serve as a portfolio of sorts and a place for me to showcase my talents and highlight the various projects I'm involved with. It is my hope that this will help me bring in new clients and spring board me into a better position in the market place. I'm currently running a consulting practice that focuses mainly on marketing strategies and business development for independant movie theaters. However I am not limiting myself to just that. I am a Freelancer, an Actor, a Film Maker, a Writer and Part Time Mad Scientist. There is little I can't do and there's little I'm not willing to learn. If I can be of service please don't hesitate to contact me.

Some Current Projects
Frank Wolf Connell . Actor for Hire... Click on Pic to check out my reel on You Tube
I'm trying to fund a film project. The Everglades Horror! It's an H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror film set in the Florida Everglades. Clink here to help
Wolf's Sword Masters provides a unique interactive entertainment experience. Our qualified Sword Masters will oversee and Instruct in the art of Balloon Fencing. Available for Partys and Ren Faires

The Midnight Cinema Shadowcast: on Jan 9th 2009 I started the 1st Repo The Genetic Opera Shadow Cast in the US and the second in the world. We performed once a month at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale FL. Til July 2010. We can be seen t Spooky Empire and helping out our fellow Florida Casts

A Book I'm working on emplaining the in's and outs of Shadow Casting This will be available here Late October 2013

Midnight Cinema Performs At Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando Fl. Oct 2013

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